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Transparency along the Supply Chain

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3 challenges for supply chain management, and how Sharcx solves them.

Digitalisation of supply chains

In principle, supply chain management pursues one simple aim - the timely delivery of goods in the right quantity to the right place at the right time. To get there, however, complex challenges need to be overcome. Digitalisation is now highly advanced. Planning of all kinds takes place in various digital systems.

Despite considerable expenditure on data management, problems repeatedly arise with deliveries and in customer communications.
  • Foreseeable hurdles due to suppliers, locations, seasons or the cargo mix, with the result that delivery problems arise even at
    the planning stage.
  • Planners need to process large numbers of deliveries simultaneously and are unable to maintain an overview over the entirety of all situations at all times. Unforeseen situations lead to delays, without an appropriate response being possible.
  • Customers are notified too late about delivery delays, because the communications chain is too long and complex.
  • Existing systems are not integrated with one another, and form data silos: data is fragmented, non-transparent and difficult to access.
  • Instead of using historical delivery data productively for optimisation in the supply chain, data graveyards are formed, increasing non-transparency. Complaints consequently do not lead to changes in the customer’s interests.

Sharcx is the first software as a service that addresses these problems systematically and thus offers a viable solution for the challenges in supply chain management, today and tomorrow.

Transparency along the supply chain


How we manage this we explain in our Guide "Transparency along the Supply Chain" on three challenges for supply chain management, and how we solve them.

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